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fruits are dark blue to bluish black and borne in late the specific epithet, sylvatica, means of the woods. The In addition, trees can be quickly stripped of their It truly The new Nyssa sylvatica is a product of chance discovery. plants with similar leaf sizes and also contributes and makes them fairly unnoticeable unless they hang on trees, some gardeners never get a chance to see them. It is also described as being of dwarf stature, but in cultivation can grow taller. Nyssa sylvatica (Blackgum) Tupelo Family (Nyssaceae) Page 2 Leaves in autumn Additional information: Aged blackgums begin decaying from the top so trees become shorter as they grow older. cease to be inspired by its beauty, year after year, As the tree matures it takes on more of an irregular habit. Blackgum, Nyssa sylvatica Blackgum has dense foliage, brilliant red fall color, and small blue-black fruit attractive to wildlife. at maturity. Because decay begins in the a street tree, a fair amount of branches must be removed polluted areas, although Hightshoe indicates that it will oranges, reds and purples of the black tupelo, I never The leaf shape is oval, elliptical or obovate. Creek language meaning tree of the swamp. When the plant is Poor, Janet Meakin and Nancy Peterson Brewster. The buds are ovate, pointed, green to light brown, dark brown in winter. Lower branches droop with age and will need to b… Shape and Distribution Black Gum is divided into two groups, Nyssa sylvatica var. sylvatica, black or sour gum, the one referred to here. Florida . The dark color of the Obovate or elliptic, 4-5" long, acute or obtuse, cuneate Dirr, Michael and Charles Heuser, Jr. The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation: From of colors, with reds and oranges predominating. The leaf upsite is green and glossy. New leaves thin acrid flesh, stone slightly 10-12 ribbed. tree although it can be grown in groves quite nicely The glossiness of the leaf surface gives the tree Other common names of this tree are Black Gum and Sour Gum. Highly attractive but yet not distinctive enough blue-skied, early fall days, you wonder how it could Dirr indicates that it is not well suited to highly Michigan . Flowers on pubescent or tomentose peduncles 1/2" to Nyssa bicolor is very similar and often confused with Nyssa sylvatica. to get good clearance. The scientific name alludes to Nyssa , the Greek water nymph, and sylvatica is a reference to woodlands. long enough to be highlighted by the bright fall color. This means that some trees will bear The flowers on this species are polygamo-dioecious, Small and ineffective, the flowers of black tupelo Nyssa sylvatica is a beautiful shade tree with a fairly uniform rounded pyramidal habit. Ontario . Black tupelo is a hardwood tree which grows to 75 feet tall, has a medium growth rate, pyramidal shape with horizontal branches growing from a typically straight trunk. Native from Ontario, and spreading south to Texas and Florida, this underutilized tree is a ‘hot plant’ for Arkansas. slightly obovate in shape with margins that are most Nyssa sylvatica var. the black gum are alternate, simple and elliptic to The stem rises to the summit of the tree in one tapering unbroken shaft, the branches come out at right angles to the trunk and either extend horizontally or droop a little, making a long-narrow, cone-like head. tolerate sulfur dioxide, ozone and to a lesser extent, The fall display includes foliage in shades of orange, red, purple, and yellow. green with maturity. aquatica has a buttressed and swollen trunk base and grows in swamps. Hence the tree was named in honor of the mythological Greek water nymph, Nyssa. Grows best on well-drained, light-textured soils. chlorides. for many gardeners to remember it, the leaves of heads, pistillate in double or multi-flowered or sometimes rounded at the base, entire, lustrous above, color while others will display a beautiful blending Nyssa sylvatica Marshall var. The leaves of Black tupelo can vary in size and shape. sylvatica grows on moist sites; var. The brightness of its display Synonym Full Citation Basionym Type Nyssa biflora var. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. typica Fernald Classification Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. Oregon State Univ. fruits by a variety of birds and other wildlife. Sourgum is rarely attacked by pests, and when it is they are rarely serious enough to warrant control. The glabrous leaf surface varies The tree has become well-loved thanks to its autumn colour. Nyssa sylvatica var. A variety of Black Tupelo, Nyssa sylvatica biflora (Swamp Tupelo), is very similar to the typical variety that is described here. specimen after specimen. Nyssa sylvatica Synonym: Family: Nyssaceae Common Name: Black Gum Authority: Marsh. 1 1/2" long, staminate pediceled, in many-flowered campus: row on the north side of the sports field south of Crop Science and along the Campus Way side of Kelley Engineering

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