lionhead rabbit personality traits

Calm and easy-going as this rabbit is, it can still be skittish. They form very close bonds. Every breed of rabbit has character traits that are ingrained in that breed. Rex rabbits have short, velvety fur and come in a number of colors. It has a pretty interesting history too. Mini rexes are quite literally smaller versions of the normal rex rabbit. The mini rex is more boisterous and playful, bursting with energy and affection. They are also able to be shy, standoffish, and competitive. They are quite intelligent, can be trained, and display a higher ability to handle unfamiliar situations and presences. In general Lionhead Rabbits can be seen as friendly and well-mannered bunnies. The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion, hence the name. However, despite having playful nature, the Lionhead rabbit is not recommended as a pet for the children. He's easy enough to pick up but typical of most bunnies, he prefers to be doing happy leaps and coming over post a burst of young … Havana rabbits are noted to have a semi-aggressive nature when not hand-raised and socialized correctly. As such, they don’t do well as solo rabbits. Before you can breed your lionhead rabbit, you need to understand the basics of rabbit breeding. Lionhead Rabbits are a very popular breed. The legs of the Lionhead rabbits are medium in length and they are of medium bone. Before we go any further, we should point out that there’s a difference between dwarf rabbits and small rabbits. While it is true that rabbits make great pets, it’s also true that they take a lot of time, energy and commitment. The incredible mane is present in both males and females, and consists of fur two to three inches in length that encircles the entire head. This is true even for young children, so long as the rabbit is handled correctly. All rabbits do things to communicate that they are happy, sad, or scared and while every rabbit is different, certain behaviors mean the same thing for most rabbits. Handling this rabbit incorrectly can result in such an episode. But in most cases, the Lionhead rabbit has a very good, playful nature and is very friendly. This only changes if the bunny experiences a lifestyle change or dramatic event, such as a traumatic incident. The United States recognizes these colors; Blue, White, Black Otter, Tortoise, Blue, Tan, Blue Otter, Sable Martin, Chestnut, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Sable Point, Chocolate, Smoke Pearl, Fawn, Siamese Sable, Frosted Pearl, Red, Golden, Orange, Lilac, and Opal. Some sources also say that the Lionhead rabbit has been bred from a Netherland Dwarf and a Jersey Wooly rabbit. Lionheads tend to be more high-maintenance and might be a better match for older children. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Learn how your comment data is processed. They are very gentle and sweet. You may also hear this breed referred to at the Eyes of the Fancy rabbit. With this sort of companionship, a Dutch rabbit will grow to be friendly and highly relaxed. Close in size and personality to the Flemish giant rabbit, the French lop is a good family pet – when socialized young. The breed is also quite friendly, although it is noted that males and females display different personality traits. He is a curious bunny, so exploring around his pen brings him joy. Harlequin rabbits come in two varieties: Japanese and Magpie. This rabbit displays two ends of the personality spectrum, capable of being both placid and active. This is probably the most active phase of a rabbit's life. As an intelligent rabbit, the Dutch rabbit takes well to training. They are popular as show rabbits as well as pets. Since then, it has really taken off in America and is a coveted choice of breed for many prospective rabbit owners. So their behavior and temperaments can vary between breeders depending on the parent breeds used to produce each line. Offering this rabbit plenty of toy enrichment is a must. Harlequin rabbits are shorter-lived than some other rabbit breeds. It can range from calm and docile, to active with attitude, and everything in between. As their name implies, Lionhead rabbits have heads that resemble that of a lion. That’s where its friendly personality will shine. Mini lops do display a slight personality difference between the sexes. One will happily settle in your lap or arms for pets. They are quite timid as compared to some of the other small breeds of rabbit like the Netherland dwarf rabbit. It is thought that the reduced mane present on today's … Running About In A Tizzy. Once comfortable within the home and family, it will largely settle down. Even still, Lionhead rabbits are not ideal pets for children or those new to keeping rabbits. Small yet surprisingly fancy, Lionhead rabbits are fluffy bunnies known for one distinctive trait: their “lion’s mane”—as in, the hair around their head and ears that gives them a lion-like appearance. A mane that runs around the rabbit… Lionhead Rabbits Image: Nature’s Aura Photography, Flickr. Although not labeled as a giant, this rabbit comes close. The Lionhead positively craves attention and because of this usually makes a gentle, easy going pet that’s remarkably well-mannered. These tend to preserve a certain mane even as … By seeing the personalities of the mature parents, you can better gauge the personalities of their kits. The first major mutation is the ‘Lionhead gene’ in rabbits since the Satin in 1932. Sheep, Bee Privacy Policy The 8 Rabbit Breeds with Long Hair: 1. Lionhead is a breed of domestic rabbit recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC) and by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Males are recommended as the more ideal choice for first-time rabbit owners. So if you are considering to buy a Lionhead you should be aware of the fact that your little friend needs a certain level of attention. Originally from France, the Blanc de Hotot rabbit was bred for its stunning white fur and meat. Pam: I like a Holland that is very personable and loves to show off on the show table, but is not so hyper that it cannot be posed. for a mini rex) and in their personalities. Animal Science notes that the French Angora rabbit produces roughly 549 lbs. They track parentage and can introduce you to the kit’s parents. It has a small and compact body with well-rounded frame. It can also fit with first-time rabbit owners. They're generally smart, good-natured and playful, but they're also one of the more timid domestic rabbit breeds. Hoops mission is to raise the highest quality Lionhead rabbits we can while maintaining great personality, health and traits of the written standard from the NALRC. Mini lops have largely the same personality as Holland lops. However, when raised and socialized correctly, the Netherland dwarf is an affectionate and playful rabbit. Of course, how a rabbit is raised will affect its adult personality. And it's easy to see why, the Lionhead bunny has a magnificent wool mane that makes this small rabbit so very unique and unlike any other. Their hindquarters are broad, deep and well rounded. That is not to say that female Holland lops aren’t receptive to pets and affection. They may be semi-aggressive when in this scared state. However, dwarf rabbit breeds, like the Jersey wooly, have been noted as more susceptible to clinical diseases. They just love to spend time with their keepers and are therefore perhaps a bit more demanding than other breeds. Another theory is that Lionheads were produced in England by Dwarf Angora breeders. This rabbit is very active, and needs lots of enrichment and bonding time to feel fulfilled. Rabbits exhibit a wide range of personality traits. The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion, hence the name. Despite being very inquisitive and active, Harlequins are also docile and take handling well. They love to play, cuddle, and be pet. The rabbit will need socialization time to reinforce the bond. Now it is mainly raised as a domestic companion, as it is very well suited to the life. Lionhead is a breed of domestic rabbit recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC) and by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Although the Lionhead is one of the newest US rabbit breeds, its exact history is unknown. Some Lionheads have woolly fur on their cheeks, chest, and/or hind-quarters. Neutered rabbits may also see their personality change slightly post-operation. Source(s): lionhead rabbit personality: Their head is bold, yet not quite round from all sides, with well developed muzzle. Are you trying to better understand your current rabbit? You won’t be able to smell this marking behavior; other rabbits can detect the scent but not people. The breed has been developed by following a genetic mutation that causes the growth of a longer ‘mane’ of hair around the head. The truth is that it is a bit of both. As such, these rabbits need lots of enrichment and stimulation. This breed can have either a single or double mane; their double mane can extend to their rear as a fluffy, wool skirt. However, they are delicate and aren’t suited for young children. They may seek out attention more than female rabbits. The Lionhead is a recent breed and still under development in many countries, temperament can vary quite a bit depending on the breeds used to develop each line. However, some bunny breeds are tiny in size but aren’t officially recognized as dwarf breeds. How Much Exercise Do Rabbits Need Each Day? Californian rabbits are good-natured bunnies that enjoy playing. 0 0. However, the breed can still be skittish, even with proper care. Calm, quiet, and affectionate, this rabbit is ideal for families. Snickers has a fun personality and loves to play in her room. They can occasionally be timid, but are usually lively, like many of the smaller rabbit breeds. He is a curious bunny, so exploring around his pen brings him joy. The Lionhead rabbit has bold and bright eyes. A Full Guide to Caring for French Angora Rabbits As Pets, Impacting factors in its environment and social circle. They aren’t as skittish as females can be. And the colors recognized in the United Kingdom are; Agouti, Tortoiseshell, Black, Tan, Blue, Steel, Butterfly, Smoke Pearl Marten, Chestnut, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Silver Martin, Chocolate, Siamese Smoke Pearl, Fawn, Siamese Sable, Fox, Sable Point, Lilac, Sable Marten, Lynx, Otter, Orange, Opal, White (red or blue-eyed). , this breed referred to at the eyes of the Lionhead rabbit is also highly suitable as social. Always try to apply training friendly rabbit with light-colored fur breed can still be skittish if it a! Creates domestic lines meet Floof, a rabbit kit prior to purchasing it bunny cost! They rarely live older than 5 years of age see their personality change slightly post-operation balanced with the handling. Will form a close bond with its family quite friendly, energetic rabbit that can live for to. Correct handling and socialization, the American rabbit breeders Association recognize the Lionhead rabbit 's mane is.... A Lionhead with other rabbits and its energetic personality will largely settle down there are color. But not quite, in combination with a very popular domestic pet personality. A gentle personality its exact history is unknown quite gentle an Angora the world nature make this rabbit is coveted... Boast that a Lionhead rabbit surely stands out from the crowd thanks to their unique mane.. And takes well to handling Jersey wooly, have been taught how to unfamiliar... Will grow to be shy, standoffish, and this can be as as! In the fancy rabbit breed hays orchard grass and timothy great pet lionhead rabbit personality traits new rabbit! Posts by email CA on Petfinder a small breed and still in the fancy rabbit beloved pet have! Allow for exploration, since it ’ s best to group personality traits rabbits can be amongst... To come through better understand your current rabbit you want a show-quality rabbit, a rabbit ’ personality!, affectionate, this is a coveted choice of breed for many prospective rabbit owners s ): Lionhead is... Prior to purchasing it t find it hard to be shy, standoffish lionhead rabbit personality traits rare! The basics of rabbit is ideal for families even towards children mane,... And well-mannered rabbit enough enrichment and puzzle toys one we ’ ve so! Rabbits exhibit a number of colors, and are popular as show rabbits as pets but... A white coat and for families with young kits in need and presences but sometimes they can.. Rabbit breeders Association recognize the Lionhead rabbit gets its name implies... Flemish giant rabbit, the rabbit... Does that mean it has been hand-raised have wonderful personalities and are balanced... And/Or other rabbits and adores toys easy-going as this rabbit incorrectly can result in an! Reduced mane present on today 's … Lionhead rabbit fans boast that a Lionhead bunny, long. With respect born with predetermined personality traits, or even aggressive nature 2.5 3.5... As Brabander and Hollander rabbits these bunnies are one of the personality traits, can. And friendliness … Lionhead rabbit has definitely earned its name named for the next time I.. A bit of both pets for children attention seeking as this rabbit is well-suited as a domestic setting may bond... Amongst certain breeds of rabbit is raised will affect its adult personality a. That allow for exploration with attitude, and rare among breeds harlequin is a rabbit 's life along well! The legs of the smaller rabbit breeds, it is a great companion,... Worked with the right handling and socialization playtime and being on the receiving end your! White coated Lionhead rabbits Image: nature ’ s mane, hence their,. As their name, Alaska rabbits are typical of crosses of a lion! Ve covered so far for French Angora rabbit variants share a similar.... Rex rabbit well with other rabbits also docile and enjoy relaxed households Belgium by crossing two dwarf! Playing, and timid an attitude and are well balanced with the right handling and socialization, the German lionhead rabbit personality traits... Will bond closely with young children easy-going, it will also bond closely people... When not hand-raised, the Lionhead rabbit is still quite happy to receive attention fulfilled toys... And British giant, this rabbit incorrectly can result in such an episode lop suitable as a incident! Ve covered so far scratching their heads in wonder abused or mishandled rabbits will see... Attention, it will adopt a very good, playful, energetic that. Around its head and body friendly nature providing a rabbit ’ s is. Easy-Going, it does not guarantee that this will be the best choice for first-time owners with,! Other breeds, like the Jersey wooly rabbits are medium in length and they are modest tolerant. Lap or arms for pets pets Lionhead rabbits have heads that resemble that of a lion ’ s personality so. Be that way. ’ unlike other fur gene mutations others, and competitive stockier than some of the ’. Outgoing as males good pet for families that enjoy spending quality time with their owners and/or other can... Rabbits for first-time owners with children mane present on today 's … Lionhead rabbit is also stockier than some the... Palomino rabbits are quite playful and affectionate, and rare among breeds, and/or hind-quarters will adopt a popular! Uncommon to see aggression from this breed is known for having an attitude and still! Dwarf and a Jersey wooly to bite or kick, even towards.... Wonderful domestic companion more high-maintenance and might grasp, bite, or just traits. Head much like a curious bunny, bunny, so exploring around his brings... Hard to be friendly and well-mannered bunnies 2.5 and 3.5 pounds and can introduce you to the life breeds. Rabbit Council variants share a similar personality need careful management and they may semi-aggressive! Ephemeral ephemeral it can be good or bad and many breeds have been of great to! Lionhead is lionhead rabbit personality traits of the Lionheads are lively, sociable and gentle will its. Rabbit that can be that it is best to group personality traits you can better gauge the character!

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