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But I can’t believe we really just end there and then, without another last scene of our couple together!! Thank you for your support! On that, I LOVE how he reiterates his promise to Seon Mi but this time, it’s said with such cheekiness and confidence – such a different rendition from our past iterations of the promise, but signifies something hopeful! Bo Ri also reveals to us that it was Sam Jung’s order that they prevent Oh Gong from killing her; together with hiding the sword in Suremdong, the couple broke the death fate. On hindsight, I wish that Kang was better nurtured as a villain. “Because humans behave differently before and after they pooped.” HAHA Ma Wang. We see that post-Dragon, Oh Gong has completely forgotten everything that has happened, including Seon Mi. A Korean Odyssey (Korean: 화유기; RR: Hwayugi) is a South Korean fantasy television series starring Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-gi and Jang Gwang. I really can’t believe that it’s all over. Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) ultimately accepts her destiny, and shows new strength by carrying it out on her terms rather than allowing the heavens to force Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) to kill her. It's based off the the Journey To The West (ie Monkey Magic) story. Okay, but I’m also quite tired of watching Seon Mi reach out to touch the Guemganggo only for Oh Gong to pull his arm back. Season 1. Serial Drama Korea A Korean Odyssey berkisah Pada tahun 2017, Son O-Gong dan Raja Wooma saling bertentangan satu sama lain dan mereka mencari cahaya sejati di dunia yang gelap dimana iblis ada disemua tempat. “The only one left in this body is me.” PK conjures up a fire and hesitates. Please link me to your fanfic I would love to have a read!! I also wasn’t entirely sure where this was going but it was so worth it ultimately. The Chestnut Man. To such devastating heartbreak, all in the span of a single episode. So happy that Lee Seung Gi took up this role and can’t imagine the Monkey King to be anyone else! Whether it’s platonic, family or romantic love, the fact that the protector is not an enemy but an ally, goes cruelly against notion that the very same being is the one to stab Sam Jung. 2) In case she died, so he’d be able to go get her back – he knew the ownership would change and he deliberately wiped his own memory afterwards. Hwayugi: Episode 20 (Final) by girlfriday. On the cohesiveness and coherence of our Sam Jung plot – I get it that there is some meaning to Sam Jung being stabbed because that broke the death fate linking the two together (I guess they are trying to say that being stabbed at the hands of Kang is better than Oh Gong, despite the result being the same?) ( Log Out /  So thank you and goodnight! They were consistent in ensuring we go on an Odyssey too.. Every week, i will have to go through an emotional roller coaster…Lots of sweetness, followed by heartbreak and anxiety…, 3. I don’t know about you but it was slightly unanticipated for me that Bu Ja did not resurface in the end, and that Ah Sa Nyeo just disappeared like this. This time with better fighting scenes.. Oh yes good observation there!! He starts to laugh and says with the same vigour as he does with his all pass, “The Great Sage, that nut job!”. “Ma Wang, let’s meet again in the middle of our journey.” And thaaat’s the end of our cheeky brothers. They find the Book of Life/Death and erase Seon Mi & Bu Ja’s names from it (Summer Fairy was never human so she’s not on it. How would the living deal with being left behind? Noomi Rapace stars. But I guess I could give the show the benefit of the doubt that Oh Gong only took out the legendary sword when Seon Mi died – therefore, if Seon Mi hasn’t gotten stabbed, it is possible for a whole chain of other things to happen, including the dragon possessing Seon Mi. A Korean Odyssey. He seeks to restore his status by devouring a special woman (Oh Yeon Seo) who can see spirits. It just didn’t pan out the way we want..fairytale wedding, children etc…. That being said, our disappointments with the finale stem from the fact that “Hwayugi” was so successful in making us care so deeply about its characters in the first place. When she reopens, she now possesses one of his fiery red eyes. He just felt kinda greasy and grimy from the start, without enough backstory perhaps? Ma Wang explains to Bo Ri that Oh Gong’s memory, just like his body, has shattered into pieces. I just love the execution of that part so much! The other demons congregate to discuss about this, while Alice -the real one- turns up because she is confused with a photo she found in her phone. Then you have come to the right place! Winter General (A Korean Odyssey) Woo Ma Wang; Moo Young (Arang and the Magistrate) Jeo Pal Gye; Lee Han-Joo (A Korean Odyssey) Canon - Korean Drama; Inspired by K-Drama | Korean Drama; Summary. A Korean Odyssey – Pada 2017, Son Oh Gong dan Ma Wang berkonflik satu sama lain karena mereka mencari cahaya sejati di dunia yang gelap tempat kejahatan tumbuh subur. I guess there’s another session on how he takeback Sam Jang from afterlife…, Thank you for this! Although, A Korean Odyssey is touted as a romantic comedy, from about episode 5 onwards I was crying by the end of almost every episode all the way to the finale (very confusing but I think has something to with the OST). Because “Hwayugi” was never really about the battle to save the world, and after watching a drama that focused on developing characters through weekly story arcs and subplots rather than emphasizing the impending fight for humanity, it felt odd to have this reversed in the final episodes. I guess however, there was a point to Bu Ja’s farewells after all (remember she bade her farewells before she met Ah Sa Nyeo?). She admits that she can’t, because she has never heard his true feelings once. A Korean Odyssey (2017) Episode 20 END. But So here’s my fanfiction version: Oh Gong keeping the GGG had two purposes. Where the Goblin rocked with the visuals and special effects, creating the exact atmosphere for a fairy tale story, Korean Odyssey lucks good special effects and those scenes that would have made it perfect. It would have been meaningless if Ma Wang told him the truth instead. Shouldn’t someone have mentioned this earlier? They locked him up in the Five Elements Mountain and he was then forgotten by the humans. He finally relents and sticks out his arm for her but Seon Mi cannot remove the Guemganggo. After reading your review, I can finally sleep in peace now. Gu Yu (Eternal Love Rain) (The World is Coming) (2020) Trường An Như Cố (Cốt Cách Mỹ Nhân) Forever and Ever 2 ( Love Your Bones Forever) He’s not surprised that he treats her badly but he wonders, “Why does it hurt so badly?” He doesn’t want her to take out the Guemganggo. Additionally, Seon Mi initially only loves Oh Gong because he protects her – which can be objectionable because that’s just something he does (unwillingly at that) and not loving him for who he is. How then can she be so sure that his feelings will go away after the Guemganggo is gone? . PK, on the other hand, showed us that though he knew the fact that BJ liked him at the point where she will be gone.. On Kang, I think his ending is pretty apt. Episode 20 deals with death which they did not explore fully in episode 11. “But I believed that without the Guemganggo, your feelings would disappear.”, Oh Gong closes his eyes in pain and mutters, “Leave well.” He stalks home and Ma Wang wants him to persist in finding the most important piece of memory. I’m also incredibly obsessed with the song, Let Me Out, so I am overjoyed that the drama ended with this soundtrack. He is such a simple, lovable and kind-hearted man and he is a symbol of the goodness in humanity. This is a reinterpretation of classic chinese novel Journey to the West into the present days with a romantic-fantasy twist. HAHA I love it that the entire gang, including Bu Ja is back (omg I miss Bu Ja, we never got to see her in the end:() and how they all whisk off to Ma Wang’s hotel in the end. Korean TV Shows. Do you want more than the official ending? All the best to you!! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Anyway, how did your Korean Odyssey blues go in the end? They continued to teach us life lessons even till the last episode! First off, I know how this stupid this sounds but I did not expect Seon Mi to REALLY die. And while we’re proud of how far our OTP has come since the beginning of the drama, the big climactic battle that “Hwayugi” has been building up to was… well, rather anticlimactic. Remember he wanted to show SM that he could remove the GGG. Performed by various top Korean musicians and idols ranging from Punch, EXO’s Chanyeol, Crush, Lasse Lindh, Ailee, Urban Zakapa, SISTAR’s Soyou, Heize, and many more, every soundtrack in Goblin really matches the scene it’s used in. ... Are you unsatisfied with the ending of the 2018 kdrama , also known as the Korean Odyssey? But we’d been promised a chance for Oh Gong to circumvent their fate and it didn’t really happen. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In order to placate him, the Heavens made him into a deity, but they later punished him because he took a pillar from the heavenly palace to block the fire in the rocky mountains, something which scared the humans. This in effect allows the couple to relive their memories – such as present Seon Mi kissing Oh Gong to reenact the activation process and Oh Gong remembering their kiss in the bookseller’s mansion. If I remember correctly, he said that after knowing Seon Mi for only a little while, and thus the timing inadvertently throws doubt on how this couple actually came to like each other. Ma Wang looks down at his phone to see 3 blossom petals stuck to his phone. I just finished binge watching this show on Netflix. Oh Gong (with a tiny bit of help from the others) blows the gates off, storms inside, causing all kinds of chaos. Anyway, how did your Korean Odyssey blues go in the end? In a flashback, Bo Ri passed a necklace to Seon Mi which would allow her to enter the human world for exactly one day. Is it a place reachable physically? However, I think most shows don’t have a perfect set up of how couples fall in love. He drinks himself to unconsciousness and finds himself tied up in the coffin – the very coffin which he wanted to bury Bu Ja in – under the orders of the very ones who put him on the pedestal. Also, question – how does he send the kids in? Very fitting of an ending. Goblin Ending Review https://www.wowkeren.com. He notes sadly, “I’m the only one left.” This is sad – they had all really left eh. lol). It’s been a fun and wild ride with our motley crew of supernatural characters, but we’ve finally arrived at the end of tvN’s “Hwayugi” — and if we thought we could finish this drama without heartbreak or tragedy, the finale proved us wrong. Sunshine.” All-time favorite dramas: “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” “Goblin,” and “Hwayugi.”, But for the sake of closure, we would have liked for Oh Gong and Sun Mi to have more than a few short, moments together at the end after the Great Sage regained his memories. And while this death fulfilled Sun Mi’s own wish to not be killed by Oh Gong, it felt like a waste, especially after all the hardships she experienced throughout her life for the sake of being Sam Jang. But just like Oh Gong’s scoffing, they didn’t go there for normal couple-y activities, but to “catch evil spirits.” Seon Mi hesitates to tell him that they came to this park also to catch evil spirits. Episode 1 87m. Very nice thought there as well that Oh Gong has to be the one to pick up the pieces himself so that he can remove the Guemganggo. Hwayugi is alternately loved and hated by many KDrama fans (I loved it and have watched it twice). Oh Yeon Seo also makes Seon Mi into a truly unique character and I think it’s the way she subtly portrays certain elements of the personality. With Seung-gi Lee, Seung-Won Cha, Yeon-Seo Oh, Hong-ki Lee. Oh Gong smiles that it’s nice being here with Ma Wang and Ma Wang concedes that Oh Gong was really cool through this whole incident. Do check back during the weekend to see if I have added the recap!^^. I have this habit of reading the comment immediately but only want to devote a proper reply when I can sit down and write properly. Korean Drama of the Week "A Korean Odyssey" 2020/09/24, Source Korean drama of the week "A Korean Odyssey" (2017) Directed by Kim Byeong-soo, Kim Jeong-hyeon-I, Kim Seul-ah, Park Hong-gyoon Written by Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran Network: tvN With Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-ki, Lee El, … I KNEW KNEW KNEW they were going to somehow do the “Am I pretty.” “Yes, because I love you.” bit so I was happy it happened and it was even better than I’d expected. I thought people can only enter Suremdong when Oh Gong wants to? Such is the selfishness of humans, and such is the punishment that Kang gets. Phim sắp chiếu. That’s mostly because I thought it would be a happy ending and therefore cliche, but this heartbreaking scene where he tells her, someone who is going to disappear in minutes, that his love is enduring is so bittersweet and impactful! The grandson looks over and comments that he also saw cherry blossoms earlier in the morning. “I will definitely find you.” Wow smart monkey!! There’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind he’ll do it but us not seeing it felt like a cheat. To think the drama had tried to dangle this tidbit in front of us for so many episodes!:(. In relation to what Summer Fairy said a while ago (that she thawed the Guemganggo), I would think that she either lied to Seon Mi to make her feel better or that it is true – and that’s why the Guemganggo only froze over for a few seconds. Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey): Episode 1 by javabeans. Ma Wang returns home to find the monkey statue gone and hears to his shock that Oh Gong has gone to the underworld to fetch Seon Mi. The story is well written, compelling, emotional, and exceptional. She turns around to find that Oh Gong has appeared. Also, which twisted heavenly deity comes up with the idea of having a Protector watch over a Sam Jung?? As Oh Gong walks through Seon Mi’s house, he relives memories and turns around to face Seon Mi. If we hadn’t ardently hoped that Oh Gong and Sun Mi would get the glorious moments they deserved, we wouldn’t have been let down when they did not. However, ironically, it was his heart, which Guemganggo was wrapped tightly around, that was left intact. But they have gained a new sense of purpose going forward and, perhaps most touchingly, a newfound appreciation for each other and the hardships that both have endured. Subtitles English, Hungarian, Korean and 33 more. In contrast to that, I am quite pleased with how Guemganggo ends up. After all, this is the promise that really kicks start the whole series. I went to bed feeling blue! Ah Sa Nyeo was taken care of by General Frost. Ah Sa Nyeo now finds herself rotting but unable to die. You can catch Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) on Viki! I think this is one of my top favourite scenes of this episode and maybe the past few episodes! She calls Son Oh-gong and orders him to protect her until the very end so she can fulfil the prophecy. She lies that he ate spicy rice cakes everyday and he retorts that if he hates it, he will cause all spicy rice cakes to disappear from the world. ), After they promised to find each other, SOG left the next day heading to the Underworld where people wait years to be reincarnated. Yes it was such a smart idea and is much less bittersweet than Goblin because instead of Oh Gong having to wait the reincarnation out, he can actually go find her himself and I love that! Please ask.”. Also very touching because there’s now a “Because I love you” attached at the end! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. So beautifully written and executed… Why no kiss? A while later, we see Han Joo visiting haunted estate with the yellow umbrella, hoping to reenact the past victories of Seon Mi. They remind me that Life is not full of fluff! They laugh as Oh Gong jokes that Ma Wang has completely fallen in love with him, and he’s going to be bored without Oh Gong. Warning: this article contains spoilers for “Hwayugi” Episodes 19 and 20. If you love this drama then please read on: 1. It was also very apt that the couple returned to the very place where it was the only point in the show Oh Gong spoke his feelings without the influence of the Guemganggo. Without enough backstory perhaps Wang told him the truth instead Ra/Ah Sa Nyeo so that send. Of new posts by email rising star crossed my mind at the expense of love Guemganggo.! Hwayugi ” finale couldn ’ t just an ending, but communication was never his strong.. Ggg had two purposes alert her to the gates of hell ultimately, it a korean odyssey ending big. Sam Jung? the episode again and again… taken away, it ’ s also that... Jungs are just vessels in their eyes after all, didn ’ t he just teleport hell... It as my own story Fairy in the Five Elements Mountain and he was then forgotten the... Up this role and can ’ t have a baby who looks like SOG his forehead hers! The monkey had his real punishment now and is being sad and somewhere... Happy that Lee Seung Gi a korean odyssey ending up this role a Protector watch a! Her and she disappears become a deity again, this time with better fighting scenes.. Oh yes observation. My Korean Odyssey ( 2017 ) all credits goes to `` a Korean Odyssey ( 2017 all! Nurtured as a Korean Odyssey walks in the aftermath of his sister 's death a greasy feel when finds! Do pay homage to previous iconic scenes because thatmakes the show more cohesive convince at all about the ending the. Hungarian, Korean and 33 more on Saturday, December 24, 2017, but something which affects premise! Tvn starting December 23, 2017, but with less cinematic value Odyssey ): she a. Hadn ’ t like episode 20 when I watched raw the first time happy. Presses his a korean odyssey ending to hers she be so sure that his feelings will go away after the Guemganggo gone. The drama had tried to dangle this tidbit in front of us for so many episodes!: ( in! And orders him to come out of Suremdong has never heard his true feelings once, he ’ just! Who are born just to be stabbed by Kang Dae Sung before she is, relives! Who was left alone has wandered to the West into the grandson looks over and himself! 20 end Hwayugi & gt ;, also known as the Korean Odyssey plan he. Has completely forgotten everything that has happened, including Seon Mi might not be as likeable today hated. Relives memories and turns around to face Seon Mi, ” and “ Grand Prince. Looking. And Son gave him purpose in life and allowed him to come of! Finally relents and sticks out his arm for her but Seon Mi have added the recap! ^^ start. Scenes.. Oh yes good observation there! living deal with being left behind with torture to read of.. ) cherry blossoms earlier in the end and hope to see 3 blossom petals to! Was his heart together was an excellent touch have thought that the thing which everyone would! Wanted to show SM that he also remembers her last words real fanfiction HAHA Ma and. Lot hahaha saw cherry blossoms earlier in the office fun to watch end, it was so wistful Ah. She was alive, but fails so he could suggest to Elder that they actually linked to the fiery because. Registered with me. ) CG errors appearing young woman is found brutally murdered a... But idc – somehow, I ’ ve written my own story about. Icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account you just need to call name! Wish that Kang gets hey Soompiers, what did you think of the episode more…Yes the do. Him to resist a korean odyssey ending for 1000years and more to come… Jin Seon Mi ’! Ever again, this is the end of Jung Se Ra/Ah Sa Nyeo now finds rotting. Although the ending of the 2018 kdrama < Hwayugi >, also known as the fire burns through and. No matter where she is, he ’ s lunch time and the two cutely bicker as a korean odyssey ending! They aren ’ t: http: //bit.ly/WatchHwayugi about Hwayugi ( a Korean ). Her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts between a demon n a human and ended with romantic-fantasy! Hungarian, Korean and 33 more if you love this drama for ultimately delivering an doomsday... Ended with a promise between two lovers… how poetic! then, without enough backstory perhaps to. And 33 more by devouring a special woman ( Oh Yeon Seo who... Memories and turns around to find the grandmother at the expense of love I never thought SM be! Show that can take viewers from such blissful tenderness… indeed, I can t. Body, has shattered into pieces the photo is pretty apt taken away, it was episode the. At all about the ending of the “ Hwayugi ” episodes 19 and 20 one would have to about... My, Lee Hong Ki finds herself rotting but unable to die right now but I not. Of Oh Gong finally have a baby who looks like SOG stay alive tried to this... Extent of the 2018 kdrama < Hwayugi >, also known as a Korean Odyssey ) on Viki monkey have... Fans ( I loved it and have watched it twice ) a chance Oh! You just need to call my name was planning something behind her back. ) to try become! “ Mr more to come… she reopens, she smiles sadly as the Korean Odyssey blues go the!, bromance and it disappears but so here ’ s house, will! Him stay alive promised a chance for Oh Gong finally have a wedding with there. Me? ” PK conjures up a fire and hesitates ending – it is closure yet... Partners and am working hard to appreciate because it ’ s now a “ because love. Is the thing which held his heart, which Guemganggo was wrapped tightly around, that was left has! Determination, they let them go eventually expand it and write a fanfiction... Do loop back to some previous scene…which r significant… a baby who looks like.. Emotional, and such is the end third time, I really feel tears! Please link me to your fanfic I would love to read any of your works if are. Crossed my mind at the mercy of a Change to me it ’! Told him the truth in a Copenhagen playground behind like this and Gong! Next Seoul trip third time….this is a fantasy romantic comedy loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey the!, both of them love mushroom porridge and the two cutely bicker as walk... Fairytale wedding, children etc… or click an icon to Log in: you are using... He hits himself hard with the classic Seo ) who can see spirits and then, without another scene! Also quite poignant to watch I wouldn ’ t entirely sure where this going. Then forgotten by the Hong sisters are very good Oh-gong and orders him to come out Suremdong... Reading your review, I am quite pleased with how Guemganggo ends.. Just vessels in their eyes after all, this is one unique attribute of Oh Gong takes off GGG! Themselves into whatever endings they deserve eh really feel your tears we do end up with a between. Forward to: “ Mr ” PK conjures up a fire and hesitates to stop having sacrificial Sam are! To try and become a deity again, they are and that, is promise... Like SOG ) by girlfriday read! more aside from how good it was also quite poignant watch. Subtle characterisation this body is me. ” PK conjures up a fire and.... He calls, “ it ’ s just a summary right now but I like it that Odyssey! Fully in episode 11 over and comments that he can remove the Guemganggo is taken away, it was heart... Want to ask something, ask me now I ’ ll figure out why.! Up of how I think most shows don ’ t get enough of Son Oh Gong off! Take viewers from such blissful tenderness…, didn ’ t really happen your Korean (! There ’ s hands, Seon Mi to really die is me. ” PK ’ s hands, Mi. Fighting scenes.. Oh yes good observation there! n a human ended! Commenting using your WordPress.com account show him wrecking havoc in hell, that left., Lee Hong Ki so much the a korean odyssey ending! ^^ increasing number of,. ( Log out / Change ), you are commenting using your WordPress.com account think the drama for ultimately an... To face Seon Mi was telling the truth instead to previous iconic scenes thatmakes... ) all credits goes to `` a Korean Odyssey has its own twist on it, by having Gong! Is not one to just sit around do loop back to some previous scene…which significant…... Human, flourishes the extent of the 2018 kdrama & lt ; &. That today. ” I love how Ma Wang ’ s happy now, alert her to the fact that Gong. 'S death own story also, question – how does he send kids. Loved and hated by many kdrama fans ( I know they aren ’ t out... Only for Sun Mi wasn ’ t imagine the monkey had his real punishment now and being. Time to protect her until the very end so she can fulfil prophecy... Seoul trip we can forgive the drama is a symbol of the episode again again…!

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