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While maintaining the look and feel of the old days, this retro-style refrigerator still brings the modern features you'd expect from a fridge: A true top-mount freezer compartment with 2 door racks, and automatic defrost for a frost-free experience. Model# BCD-215V-62H. I wouldn’t mind putting one in my garage, or on our back deck. The image  shown here is from a 1966 ad, and I would say that’s a 36″ wide refrigerator with small freezer on the bottom. When I wrote about where to find red refrigerators, I talked about painting ideas and also got direct feedback from Rust-Oleum, a leader in paints. Thanks, when I get a moment I will add this idea to the list! ft. (cubic feet) and larger, with certain dimensions. I bet this is going to be really helpful for many people. Despite the slender design, they still have a large capacity. Ft. Top Mount Freezer RefrigeratorPrice: $298~$566 Online. Manual defrost allows for you to get a cool looking fridge at a better price. If you're interested, you can check it out here. I'm including it in this second position (rather than at the end of the article) to maintain the “size order” of the list. Some key factoids about size and capacity of Big Chill refrigerators: Big Chill’s designs come in up to nine stock colors. Reader Taylor alerted me to Chambers retro refrigerators, which currently come in two designs — (1) a refrigerator/freezer design and (2) refrigerator only. Try bestapplianceskins.com instead of painting. Portable AC/DC Freezers/Fridges; Portable Propane Appliances… However, again, they're either relatively expensive (in the range of $2,000 and up), or not so easy to buy online. The narrow width makes it easier to fit in more spaces within your home, cottage, bar, she-shed, or man-cave. In this article, I'm hoping to introduce you to some not-so-obvious retailers that answer the …, Get your dream outdoor kitchen up and running THIS summer! We actually live in a house that a retro fridge would look pretty cool in. Thank you, Taylor, for the tip! Absolutely gorgeous. But you don't necessarily have to sacrifice affordability and functionality for this look. Low noise compressor for quiet, non-intrusive operation. UP TO 40% OFF SELECT APPLIANCES +INSTANTLY SAVE UP TO $700 When You Buy Two Or More Select Major Appliances $498 Or More. Here are some tips* for keeping the frost out of your freezer for less frequent defrosting: Good luck picking out your new Retro Fridge! This has been soo helpful. $399.00. Retro Fridges & Freezers. Press Esc to cancel. ft. Retro bottom mount refrigerator transports you back to the 50’s with its iconic retro design and chrome finish accents. This model adds a 4-bottle wine shelf for people who like to entertain, or just enjoy an evening wind-down. I count 17 colors or exterior patterns (like flags) in the Smeg lineup. ), 7.0 Cu. They also make a 7 cu/ft Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator with similar features to this model and available in … Thanks for stopping by. It would be a fun and pretty novelty fridge. Depths of the “boxes” (not counting the protrusion of the door or handle) are 28″, except for the Slim Fridge, whose box sits counter-depth. In all, I give you nine sources or ideas to consider to get a retro refrigerator. Yes: Chambers, as in the name brand of the famous maker of antique stoves. So cool! Free Refrigerator Clean. They will be perfect for a room with a bar or like a gazebo or something. Each has a separate freezer compartment with its own door, and they come in sizes of 4.6 cu ft, 4.0 cu ft, and 3.1 cu ft (the smallest of which also comes in a light blue color. This company also has matching 24″ convection gas ranges in several of the colorways. My last idea is to hunt for a refrigerator or refrigerator-freezer from another manufacturer that approximates the look of those shown above. Now I want to do the same for my family! These fridges are fairly popular in the U.S., but are … More info on Chambers retro refrigerators: Over the 12+ years of writing this blog, I’ve met a number of readers who are happily living with vintage refrigerators. Storage for the retro refrigerator / freezer combinations: From about 18 cu.ft. This refrigerator is Energy Star Certified for energy efficiency all year … One of the things I like about these single-door refrigerators is that they are not enormous — they are 18.2 or 18.5 cu.ft. I feature one in the next category…, Company: Unique Appliances(Download Manual), 9 cu. Here are some thoughts on where you might start to find professionals to help you: Painting an existing refrigerator a retro color can help you get the look at a potentially or relatively low cost. I love the Unique look on the inside but it has manual defrost. My favorite one is the red. And, choose the “Full-Length Standard” handles — these tuck beneath the Panels. Note, Smeg also sells even smaller undercounter fridges that are also cutie petuties. Please do not use any materials without prior permission. It is my hope that this post leaves you so well informed, that you won't mind that very much. They show something like 56 different models depending on the direction the door swings and the color. We tested the Smeg FTU171X7, $3,000. The Model 1950 by Northstar offers 18.5 cubic feet of space and a bottom freezer. What you miss out on by going with one of these brands might just be made up for in price and availability. If you're willing to trade off size and color options for affordability, style, and availability, these alternative retro refrigerator brands may be the way to go. And, like some of the other companies on this page, Smeg offers some other products in coordinated colors so that you can have matchy matchy appliances throughout — dishwashers, ranges and hoods, dishwashers, toasters, tea kettles, blenders, and more. These are fully modern refrigerators—just with an antique refrigerator design. Sub-Zeros come in a lot of different sizes, and they are all counter-depth. I’d totally have one of them in my own home. The 12.0 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator … The rounded forms and retro designs of the 1950's are showcased in the Smeg 50's Design Series. I don’t have a list of other companies that specialize in repairing and restoring vintage refrigerators, but you could also go through this. Clearly, finding the best retro fridge-freezer is about finding a balance in price, size, and functionality in addition to that cool look. Save $101.00 (25%) $ 298 00. are they the same size as apartment fridges? If I were to get a retro refrigerator I would prefer black with a top mount freezer. As I mentioned above, the general standard for “Full-size” refrigerators tends to be about 14 cu. “Love our Northstar refrigerator. When you buy a Unique Classic Retro 22" Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Energy Star 7 cu. Click Here–> New Refrigerators That Look Vintage. Frost can build up easily in freezers that are too empty or too full. AND, unlike the “Big Three” brands I mention above, you can buy a Chambers or Galanz retro refrigerator at major outlets online (see links in the reviews below). 3 spacious freezer drawers provide ample storage space for your frozen items and reduces frost build-up. The ones that say manual defrost brings back horrible memories. I love retro refrigerators! There are companies that specialize in repairing and/or restoring old refrigerators (and stoves). In this article, I'll introduce you to three other affordable, easy-to-find options for retro refrigerators. I heard recently from a reader-couple who had their existing refrigerator wrapped in vinyl by a company that does vinyl wraps for cars and the like. Unique Retro 21.6 in. So, I hunkered down to pull this buying guide together — to make your hunt that much easier. Smeg is known for its line of retro countertop and large appliances, but it also makes more conventional models. Note, Sub-Zero’s website is not helpful in specifying “my” classic configuration. Looking for more? Counter-depth, about 59″ high, about 24″ wide. and partially-automatic defrost. At about 7 or 8 cubic feet, these mid-sized refrigerators may have only about half the capacity of a full size retro fridge, but it's still more than twice the capacity of a mini retro refrigerator. ft. retro refrigerator! Unique’s 9 cu/ft bottom-mount retro fridge-freezer and it's narrow footprint packs convenient storage options into a design that is both space and energy efficient. Personal service & knowledge makes us Unique. The lines are curvy and attractive, but not overwrought, not cartoonish. The more expensive ones have better energy ratings than their cheaper counterparts. Unfortunately, they are just too smal. These are really cool fridges. Chambers' compact bottom configuration brings the refrigerated space you use the most off the floor, making it both easily accessible and energy efficient. these fridges look so cute but they also look very skinny. New Customers Only. At at 22″ counter-depth, and 57″ height, it will fit under virtually every overhead cabinet. I hope this article has provided some guidance in finding good retro refrigerators with which you can outfit your home, office, or fun-space. Three slide out adjustable glass shelves. For price, I set a limit of $1,000. 4 adjustable glass shelves, and4 full width adjustable door shelves allow for flexibility in personalizing your storage space. Get with professionals to assess this approach. The other French Door model has less interior space — but it is counter-depth, a nice option if you want your refrigerator to tuck nicely into your cabinetry. That said, North Star also has two French Door models with a retro look, and one of them offers more space. ft. retro bottom mount refrigerator transports you back to the 50s with its iconic retro design and chrome finished accents. This has made me think a lot better about the choices. Adjustable glass shelves, and even split door-shelves provide loads of adjustability. Prefab outdoor kitchen kits are …, Prefab outdoor kitchen kits are the fastest, most cost-effective ways to build an outdoor kitchen. A retro mini fridge is the perfect combination of the whimsy of the ‘good old days’ and the appeal of a modern appliance. Big Chill is, arguably, the biggest name among homeowners looking for a retro refrigerator. An auto-defrost mechanism not only adds cost to the purchase price due to the extra components, but it consumes more energy as it turns on and off the heating coils during the automatic defrost cycling process. That said: Back in the day, I think folks shopped more frequently (grocery stores did home delivery! Gone are the days of unexciting white refrigerators - instead be ready to be charmed by the fun colors and playful designs of a retro mini fridge. Professionals also can advise you on energy use issues. So fundamentally, these are small-capacity refrigerators. Not sure if they are my style, but I will definitely let any of my friends know about them who may be in the market. Two freezer drawers reduce frost build up. These retro kitchen appliances offer the form and the function! Elmira Stove Works custom builds elegant antique kitchen appliances, retro 1950 refrigerators and charming 1850 reproduction cookstoves all handcrafted to your personal specifications … Unique’s 6 cu/ft retro upright all freezer transports you back to the 50’s with its iconic retro design and chrome finished accents. Narrow 21.6″ width makes it an easy fit for any room in your home. Opening the freezer door allows cold air to escape and introduces humidity, which contains moisture that can turn into frost. This fridge are adorable. I have been looking into these fridges for a while but couldn’t decide. They are pretty much at the top of the line for retro refrigerators with regards to options for styles, colors, and sizes. I call this a “bonus” entry because I discovered it after originally posting this article – bringing this list up to 4. These are so fun, we had one in our game room growing up. ft. Retro Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator is the latest – and largest – addition to the highly rated Galanz retro refrigerator line. ft. Bottom Mount Retro RefrigeratorPrice: $899~$979 Online. This refrigerator is ENERGY STAR Certified for energy efficiency … 28″ … to 29″… and the 1959 is counter-depth at 24-5/8″. Following are 3 examples you might want to consider in your search of the best retro fridge freezers for your budget, listed from the largest to the smallest. These two retro refrigerators come a little bit under that size, but still offer the features you'd expect in a modern full sized refrigerator. More info to come! But this also means that if you’re in shopping mode, your head can quickly start to spin. Sizes typically used back in the day: I am sure the 42″ side-by-side has been around a long while. 2.4 cu. The Galanz has frost free . Info on sizes and capacities of Smeg’s two refrigerator designs: Unique Appliances has retro-style refrigerators in two sizes and five colors + white. Unique’s 9 cu. (Price will vary with color, with the white and cream colors tending to be more expensive.). Really, I think you could go with any size and be retro-appropriate. You could look for one of these too. I’d love to have a whole vintage collection. Enter three slightly lesser-known retro style fridge brands that don't often appear at the top of the searches: Chambers, Galanz, and (my most recent discovery) Unique. This series features a retro refrigerator, dishwasher and other small kitchen appliances that come in a … Take a peek at them with the shopping links, above. A retro refrigerator can be the absolute centerpiece of your kitchen, and over the past few years as interest in mid century design has boomed, many more options have become available. This 7 cu. It appears like this revived name brand for appliances has been on the market about a year and more are coming. It looks good to me. Chambers retro refrigerator MRB192-07 comes in 4 different colors: Frost White, Butter Cream, Light Blue, and Red Wine. 7 cu. … to 20 cu.ft. I’m such a sucker for the retro look! This freezer is ENERGY STAR Certified for energy efficiency all year-round, … Classic Retro by Unique 24” Convection Gas Range; Retro Fridges & Freezers; Retro Solar DC Fridges & Freezers; Portable Freezers/Fridges. As of this writing, Unique retro refrigerators are available exclusively at Home Depot. 99 $239.99 $239.99 Vintage icebox styling meets modern industrial chic in our most anticipated product launch ever. My first possibility for a retro … Final note: Sub-Zeros come with ice makers inside. Galanz 7.6 cu.ft. As I just bought (waiting for delivery) a big stainless steel refrigerator, I would have trouble with the smaller size. To make this a one-stop shopping guide, I worked hard to deep dive into the real contenders — this is a long story, not cursory. 4-full slide out adjustable glass shelves. ft.)”. These fridges come in nine standard colors, all retro lovely. Use my instructions and be (with kindness and patience) insistent. Unique's 7 cu. I've included links to company sites, manuals, and online shops so that you can do your own research before deciding to buy.*. (1538) $ 298 00. Spacious and clear fruit & vegetable crisper. ft. retro bottom mount refrigerator transports you back to the 50s with its iconic retro design and chrome finished accents. This Chambers retro refrigerator (Model MRB192-07) is actually categorized under their “Fun Fridge” line, though it maintains the retro-style and flare of their “Retro Refrigerators” line. ft. (cubic feet) – just under the 14 cu. Most notable is size. When the temperature inside the freezer rises, the appliance has to work harder to keep items frozen. ft. Galanz retro refrigerators come in several other smaller sizes from 3.1 to 7.6 cu. Before you put these items away, wipe them off with a cloth to remove moisture. The key to get the “authentic” retro version, though, is to specify it correctly That is: Note, all Sub-Zeros are counter-depth, so they nestle right into your cabinetry for that fitted kitchen look so important in the post-war era. The price isn’t bad on them either. Choosing a smaller refrigerator — including a counter-depth refrigerator — could make a lot of sense in terms of getting an aesthetically pleasing, suitable proportion. Unique 20 in. Be aware: Old products can contain vintage hazards — I am not an expert, so get with a properly licensed professional to assess what you are dealing with so that you can make informed decisions. But, if you're looking for a retro fridge that: … then you might want to consider this mid-range category. Available in 10 different colour tones from a subtle cream to a vibrant green, Smeg coloured 50's Retro Style refrigerators … I love the retro style; but, with a family our size, I don’t see it being a good fit for us. I again encourage awareness: If you’re sanding/or stripping/or painting, be sure to consider hazards possible in the layers – Be Safe/Renovate Safe. Some key factoids about sizes and capacities of North Star refrigerators: More info on North Star retro refrigerators: I admit my head starts to spin when I look at the lineup of Smeg refrigerators on their website. The Unique 7 cu. If you’ve seen any retro fridges of late, chances are it was a Smeg. For more in information on Sub-Zero refrigerators: And note re this approach: There are other companies that make refrigerators that take custom color panels. Adjustable 4 bottle wine rack for convenient and stable bottle storage. If you have any questions, or even suggestions or advice for other shoppers, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We are currently in the market for a new fridge and picking out a retro one would have never been on my radar had it not been for this post. I had no idea that you could actually buy retro fridges in such an affordable manner. I also show the New Classic, if your aim is to channel iceboxes of the 19th century and early 20th Century. Chambers also makes a larger “almost” full-size retro refrigerator at 12 cu.ft., but it's back up there in the $2,000 range, so I didn't list it here. These companies only have a few models, and black or red are your main color choices. $399.00. Choose a “Panel Ready” design — buy the panels directly from Sub-Zero or have them custom made by your cabinet maker — the panels then will be “Framed” in metal like the photo to the right. All coming in at under $1,000 these models cost what you might normally spend on a regular refrigerator. (e.g., As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Although it will not be intentionally retro as the designs I’ve spotlighted above, this route could yield a less-costly but “close enough” option. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. I’ve always been a fan of that retro vibe. They both are 24″ wide. ft. retro refrigerator also comes in black (model GLR12TBKER), and there's a slightly smaller model at 10 cu. There are other sources for skins but I have never seen this crazy a selection. Great for the cottages and man caves each retro refrigerator boasts optimal space usage, an elegant character and all the helpful features one would expect from a true charmer. North Star also has stoves in matching colors. I didn't want anything so small it might only be good fit for a single dorm room. I never thought to buy a retro fridge but these are cute. Using the exact specification listed above, I used a 42″ side-by-side Sub-Zero refrigerator-freezer in my kitchen, adding White Enamel panels for the front and for the sides. Storing hot foods can lead to humidity. Classic Retro 22" Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Energy Star 7 cu. These would look great in an older, historic house. I’m obsessed with retro appliances! (See “Almost Full Size Retro Refrigerators“), The other downside is color & style options. The upsides? An in-the-door can rack for convenient storage and quick access to beverages. Want to see more retro-fridges this size?Click Here–> 7 full size retro refrigerators reviewed. If you’re looking for something bigger, check out my post on full size retro refrigerators. Meet the Classic Fridge, which joins our Classic stoves, hoods, and dishwashers to make a unique, beautiful, … And deservedly so: I think that they have done a really nice job with the design of their appliances. Unique 9 cu/ft Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator. total volume for refrigerator/freezer combined. Thanks for sharing! It’s energy star rated … 11.7 cu.ft. I wish I have one right now. Thanks for sharing! For more information on Big Chill retro and vintage-style refrigerators: North Star, which is a brand of Elmira Stove Works, has a nicely designed retro refrigerator available in three configurations in the U.S. (Two additional slimmer models are also available in Canada.) I’ll have to add the energy ratings in the reviews for you. ft. is a “best-seller” with hundreds of reviews online. The place I ordered from had not taken an order like mine in years, but once I made myself clear, they understood — and got it right. Northstar fridges are designed and assembled in North America. This is so cool! ft. Refrigerator Unique Finish: Light Green This Galanz retro refrigerator at 7.6 cu. As a general rule of thumb, stock your freezer with two to three pounds of food per cubic foot of space. While most retro fridges are on the smaller side, Big Chill is here with a bigger, more standard-sized option. Thanks! a white Big Chill refrigerator when renovated her awesome kitchen, the vintage Revco refrigerators from back in the day, Sub-Zero Product and Accessories Sales Guide, Elmira Stove Works antique refrigerator designs, red North Star refrigerator in reader Elizabeth’s kitchen. Get $50 Off your next cleaning Please refer a client to us and after their first house cleaning you will receive $50 OFF … KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator 2-Door Compact Refrigerator for Dorm, Garage, Camper, Basement or Office, 3.2 Cu.Ft (Red) 4.5 out of 5 stars 284 $219.99 $ 219 . Retro Solar DC Fridges & Freezers. They are indeed a little on the skinny side, but that’s because I chose to review a few of the less expensive models. Are these better than the old ones. They are 75”13/16 high …  23-39/64″ wide … and the boxes (sans doors) are 21-21/64″ inches deep. When we buy our home, I’m seriously considering getting some. You might also look up models from Big Chill and Elmira Stove Works. The fridge/freezer combos spec out at 11.7 cu.ft. If you've spent any time online looking for a good retro refrigerator for your kitchen, you've certainly noticed that they come at a premium price point, are difficult to order online, or both. Dry off food before storing it – The food from the freezer aisle of your grocery store has probably started to defrost a bit, leading to moisture on the outside of the packaging. Since these are retro-styled, are they energy rated like many of the fridges are? Pair up with a Unique Marshmallow White Retro range for a … Avoid storing hot items – Only put cool or cold foods in your freezer. Putting the fridge on top brings the food and drinks you need most within reach. The Galanz 12.0 cu. Widths from about 25″ … to 28″ … to 31″… to 33″. Or, the company can paint your refrigerator a custom color at additional cost. Unique Appliances retro refrigerator (Model UGP-275L AC) originally came in Black, White, and Red, but the line up has been expanded to include Ocean Mist Turquoise, Powder Blue, and Summer Mint Green… If for some reason you're looking for an even smaller retro fridge freezer, Galanz makes a number of smaller, rugged-looking, stumpier models. Retro Mini Refrigerator with Dual Door and True Freezer in Red. Retro Appliances. Retro fridges are great as novelty items but… I need me a HUGE fridge so I don’t think I would ever have one. I love all of these refrigerators. The main benefit of a manual defrost freezer is cost: they are cheaper to purchase, and cheaper to run. Single door Smegs hold 9.22 cu.ft. And custom painting is possible, too. In order to keep your food and drink perfectly fresh, Smeg refrigerators feature the latest technology to ensure top performance and high levels of energy efficiency. I wouldn’t use them a kitchen appliance because they’re not that large but The red one is my favorite. Or because they are smaller, they don’t use much energy? Separate clear fruit & vegetable crisper. Disclosure: 3GoodOnes.com is a professional review site. ft. retro refrigerator comes in both black and red models. The three big brands that put out a nice full-size retro refrigerator will be Northstar (Elmira), Big Chill, and Smeg. On this blog, finding products and resources to help you renovate, remodel and decorate your home in appropriate retro style is is my sole focus. (A couple models come in a cool baby blue or an off-white “champagne.”). I would find myself with any of those and be totally happy. [Wow, look at the vintage Revco refrigerators from back in the day, which epitomized this idea too!]. Deep crisper drawer for all your fresh produce. I love them. We saw these retro cuties when we visited KBIS in 2016 — love that yellow! The size is perfect for New York City living, too. …, Simplify the vast selection of prefab outdoor kitchen kits by chunking them into 3 general …, There are a number of retro refrigerator brands to choose from. Thanks for the question! Unique Refrigerators. Depth without doors: From approx. Very cool retro refrigerators. ft. Propane Gas Off-Grid Range with Battery Ignition Sealed Burners in White Search terms I suggest you focus on to look for a proxy: One key consideration, I’d say, is that many mid century kitchens were fairly small. So, yes, they are energy rated just like other refrigerators you would buy today. Affordable prices for one. Hhhhmmmm….I think I will settle for the “Galanz Retro Refrigerator (7.6 cu. Whether it is nostalgic … The largest retro style refrigerator these lesser-known companies make maxes out at about 12 cu. Except they are a little skinnier. It will make my reviews a bit better. plastic containers should be sized appropriately for the amount of food inside, without a lot of extra room for air. Retro Line Features Retro Refrigerator: Modern Performance, Temperature Management System, Automatic Moisture Control, Frost Free, Optional Ice Maker, Spill-proof Glass Shelves, Energy Star … There are plenty of options out there for a “mini” retro refrigerator. They also make a 7 cu/ft Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator with similar features to this model and available in Light Green, and a 6 cu/ft Upright All-Freezer with a similar retro design. These retro appliances and décor give your kitchen a unique, nostalgic feel to it. They are 57.5″ high … 23.5″ wide … and the boxes (sans doors) are 20-7/8″ deep. Refrigerators back in the day were not as big as today! ft. Refrigerator online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered.Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Unique … … to 25 cu.ft. Keep the door closed. These look very cool. Big Chill has two different designs that speak to the postwar era — the Original, which has a 1940s into 1950s look … and the Retropolitan, which evokes the 1960s and 1970s. Courtesy of Elmira Stove Works.

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