sealing honed marble

This will leave your counter with a honed finish, which is more matte than the glossy surface on most counters. Helps prevent staining caused by grouting, water soluble minerals, picture framing, efflorescence and adhesive blotch marks which are normally absorbed through the back of the stone during installation. Aldon Corporation and are protected under applicable USA and international intellectual property law. Marble, if not previously sealed, whether polished or honed will soak up sealer like a sponge. Sealing: All honed marble, travertine & limestone tops installed by Bernini Stone and Tiles have been sealed with a penetrating sealer. If there are cracks, abrasions, or areas that have been poorly grouted, … Rapid-Seal STS™ Formula provides maximum stain resistance in 4 hours. Breathable – Allows Moisture Vapour Transmission. LIMESTONE Get Assistance From Us the Same Business Day . USE: On porous & unsealed surfaces. Prevention is key. This results in the stone having a matte appearance, rather than the distinctive shine of polished marble.  Travertine POULTICE PLUS, an easy to use pre-mixed poultice paste. I prefer using Dupont Stonetech Sanitizer for it's anti-bacterial properties. … name.window="menu" HONE 400 a safe, non acidic, easy to use honing powder designed to be used on calcium based stone eg: marble, limestone, travertine and cement based terrazzo. Note: If a dark or contrasting grout is used, apply GROUT RELEASE PRO AFTER the initial coat of ENHANCE’N’SEALhas cured and before starting the grouting process. Recrystallisation is caused by metamorphism (heat and pressure) of these minerals.  Polished Polished finish is more stain resistant than honed finished but more prone to scratches and etches. } else { This also results in the different type of veining and colours seen in marble along with the different textures (fine to coarse). Use on newly installed grout 2 hours after grouting (for best performance allow new grout to fully cure before sealing). For indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial areas. Many homeowners find honed marble to be better for areas with high foot traffic since it is very scratch resistant. You can use HAZE AWAY as per label instructions to further help the grout clean-up process and also minimise any grout haze. - Polished, Honed finish requires more re-sealing than a polished one. if (navigator.appVersion) { openWindow =,name,'resizable='+rs+',scrollbars='+sc+',menubar='+mn+',toolbar='+tl+',location='+lo+',width='+wd+',height='+hi);} }

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