mute swan invasive

Brought in from Europe as an ornamental addition to parks and estates, the Mute Swan has established itself in a feral state in some parts of North America, mainly in the northeast. Humans have also introduced these birds outside of the large invasive population in North America, but these populations are much smaller. In 2000, there were 5700 mute swans in Michigan. Some of the other introduced populations include Australia, Japan, and Africa. Mute swans are not considered threatened or endangered, and in fact may be culled or closely monitored in some areas to be sure they do not become dangerously invasive. Mute swans (Cygnus olor, Figure 1) are an invasive species originally brought to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for ornamental ponds and lakes, zoos and aviculture collections. Typical of many swans, the mute swan is white with an orange bill and two black knobs. Habitat destruction, interspecific competition, and human harm are few of many problems which Mute Swan introduces to Michigan. Mute swans originated in Europe, and a large population also lives in North America. This invasive swan has also been known to aggressively attack humans. The exotic Mute Swan is the elegant bird of Russian ballets and European fairy tales. This swan swims with its long neck curved into an S and often holds its wings raised slightly above its back. Is Mute Swan an Invasive Species? Future laws or methods to contain and prevent spreading of your invasive species: -The Fish and Wildlife Service will continue with their current strategies and try to come up with more ways of how to contain the mute swan Distribution of the Mute Swan. The mute swan (Cygnus olor) is a large bird with a total length of 56-62 inches and an average weight of 25-30 lbs. In some places, it has become common enough to be unpopular, and it is considered a pest in a few areas. Mute swans are voracious feeders of SAV, with each adult swan consuming up to 8 pounds per day, and destroying much more in the process. Impacts. The mute swan (Cygnus olor) is a species of swan that is non-native to North America. -Mute Swans are not allowed to be released in the wild. Mute Swan Population Dynamics Using a stochastic model to examine the ecological, economic and ethical consequences of population control in a charismatic invasive species: mute swans in North America., Journal of Applied Ecology 2007 This is the swan that typically is featured in artwork and folklore. Future: As the mute swan population continues to grow, the damage and conflicts they create have long-term effects.Mute swans have a tremendous reproductive capacity and few natural predators. As mute swans do not have natural predators, they are overpopulating and damaging ecosystems in Europe as well as in North America. The Mute Swan: • Is the only swan with an orange bill • Is the only swan likely to be in areas frequented by people • Is the only swan in Indiana in summer • Is the only swan that usually carries its neck in a strongly-curved S-shape while swimming Native Swans: Mute swans are on California’s restricted species list and cannot be imported, transported, or possessed without a permit (with the exception of swans held in captivity prior to January 1, 2008). Original populations were located in northeastern states along the Hudson Although they’re numerous and familiar in city parks and in bays and lakes in the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, and Midatlantic, Mute Swans are not native to North America. Without swift action, the DNR predicts that mute swan numbers could reach over 24,000 in just five years by 2015. Mute Swans create competition amongst native swans such as ; Black tern, Trumpeter Swans, Common Loons, and other local birds. Males and females are very similar with only differences occurring in … Non-native species that become established, spread widely, and cause harm to an ecosystem are called invasive species. This swan is native to Eurasia and was introduced into North America in the late 1800s by European immigrants seeking to add a familiar wildlife species to their gardens and ponds.

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