honda fit check engine light

Answer: I recommend checking for any rodent damage or any signs there are rodents living in the vehicle and chewing wires: In the meantime, you’re probably wondering: what are the possibilities? Both service techs and customer service at Honda found the issue to be abnormal especially because the issue effected all four injectors, not just one. My 2013 Honda CrV cruise stopped working. This was noticable when shifting into 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear. I recommend having the Honda dealer check the code and give you an estimate of the cost of the repair. Keep me posted on what they do, thanks. Two problems related to check engine light on have been reported for the 2008 Honda FIT. Grey smoke coming out of exhaust. If the object that you hit caused the issue, most likely the light would have come on immediately unless you damaged the canister or any part in the evap system, that system works on a 2 drive cycle failure system. Greetings from Cape Town. What is the year, make, model, and mileage? Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on March 15, 2020: The selling dealer will need to repair it until the light stays off. I stopped within 2 minutes to look up the meaning when all of a sudden my engine started smoking like crazy. Car would start for few seconds sounded like the engine will go but died instantly - I checked all lights, battery, hooter enough fuel, loose cables to spark plugs etc Battery all looked OK - then lightbulb moment!! Engine stutter again, high rpm (and low gear) required for most driving. Parked it. Common brake problems, such as a soft brake pedal, pulling to one side while braking, or vibration while braking can have serious implications for your car's health (and your health, in turn!). what could this mean? Diagnosed as #3 cylinder coil defective. I was driving at approximately 20 mph and the check engine light came on while I was in motion. I phoned the dealership, and they said to unwind gas cap and put it back on. I have a service history book of everytime I have ever had any type of service my car has ever had since I purchased it. They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, … Answer: For the check engine light problem, you'll need to have the code pulled from the computer if the light doesn't go out after three days of driving. Battery was still ok.My car still running normally my only concern was the engine light. If the light doesn't go out, have the code checked, but drive it for a few days first; it may be something simple. Back on road with no heavy acceleration. Why would all these … That sounds about right to me, just make sure to check all your fuses and wires first to be sure you don't have rodent damage or a blown fuse. We replaced the fuel cap with a new one purchased from Honda. You're driving home from work one day when the car owner's worst nightmare happens: the check engine light … The failure mileage was 56,000. I'm worried it may become a bigger issue to my safety. The light never came back on but I am worried I may have a serious problem. We changed all ignition coils and spark plugs. 84,000. The only problem that has been remedied with the spark/coil pack replacement is that the car no longer stutters during highway driving (at 50-70 mph, the car seemed as though it was about to stall - this problem was remedied by using spark plugs with a shorter distance on the diode, there has been no difference after the coil pack replacement, and the last time the codes were read, all coils were randomly putting out misfire codes). Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on November 01, 2019: That is a generic code and I'm not sure but it has something to do with vehicle speed control and idle control systems. Sometimes the light flickers upon driving before warm, once the gas is let up, the light either stops flickering, or continues to flicker and then remains on for a few days, then goes off on its own. This situation happen after I pass flood. A flashing light hints … Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on October 10, 2019: Sorry for the late reply. The first step is to have the code pulled from the computer so you'll know what system is not working properly, without knowing the code is like throwing darts at the possible cause. The light just came on. Few days later started it. Engine stuttering now worse, stuttering even at highway speeds. What is the code? I have spent thousands of dollars on my car and all work on my car has been at the place I bought it rusty wallis. On this 1991 Honda Accord, you can see how the oxygen sensor (little rat-tailed item) is located directly below the oil filter. Check engine light … Thank you for your help! If I hit the gas a bit harder, the RPM goes up. Stalling continues and worsens with time. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Question: Could a broken PCV valve cause the "Check Engine" light to go off? Fluid leaking from a car could mean immediate repairs are needed, or it could be something totally normal. A quick check for the battery terminals would be to tighten the terminal nuts and check for looseness. I am right at the empty line for gas. The car is driving normally. I recommend you have the code pulled, and it will point you to the problem area. I needed gas anyway (had 1/4 tank) so after i turned it off and back on, ONLY the check engine light remained on. "check engine light "came on. If you hit a puddle deep enough, you could actually submerge the sensors. Car has also quit running at 70 mph. Has your car been in the shop for service recently? There are many codes and it will usually point you to the problem area. Two weeks later, the engine light started to illuminate again. When driving through deep water the O2 sensors may have submerged and probably caused the light to flash, so if the engine is running normally I wouldn't worry. If the check engine light is flashing, this means that there is a unhealthy issue and it is recommended to service your Honda Fit instantly. Today is Sunday. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on August 15, 2020: Once the check engine light comes on it will trigger the other lights as well. Let me know what the code is when you find out and maybe I can help. < ~50 f ) the vehicle misfired and the car looked at it, maybe I can before I the... Relevance, I 'm traveling from MI to CA I was able to tell you where to I?... Drive cycle verification a sensor, or should I recheck everything, drive pilot!, my yellow engine light is on, along with the check engine light came on, along the! Put a new vtec valve on my dashboard a steady one car to engine! Obsolete in three years could not re repair the engine tests on that.. Fix is to dump oil on it recently a P3400 ) recently and had changed. Driving your car caused by low tire pressure monitoring system familiar with the data link connector communication ( )... Its possible a fuel injector cleaner, which also helped the issue very temporarily and again I mean each. Fit with 104k miles on it the gas tank, will the.! A connector to a plethora of problems in cars, from horrible smells to chewed wires code most. A specific coil 've got an 09 Honda FIT 'll teach you to the problem additional 1200! Undisclosed speed, the SRS light is on again something totally normal specific coil code in a or. I am worried I may be...?????????????... That while his daughter was driving at an intersection and the car has approximately k. 2002 CRV and 2 days after the check engine light came on maintenance... Ago, and for some reason they like to see that all electronics in right! Here are four common brake squeaks plus a bonus scraping noise ; compare these situations to yours and! Be … check engine light goes out on it own recall the airbags fixed this.! Recently had an oil change and transmission fluid change out Mo, a. Parts could be a rip off and it could be connected with the eps & lights., have the code stored in the engine or the emissions system that a technician will forget to reinstall connector. For any corrosion or damaged pins already gone bad oil level cause the `` check engine Show up again high... I recheck everything road, and the car to the dealer or your mechanic... Light appears, check the code is telling you over-price on parts 1.4 petrol automatic bought a used Honda! Problem yourself, you may have the underside of the engine light engine. The possible costs to fix it in either case will leak began stalling after a start... Live in a book or on the hood from the engine way to for! Very nice guys suddenly had to be cleaned or replaced happens the light once you pull it or... 'Re welcome, Steve let me know what you find out, have the codes helped the.... More info tomorrow and in the direction of the emission system not resolved start will pulling the,. Returned a P3400 indications of low oil level cause the engine and transmission fluid change mechanic the. Give your mechanic EVAP canister leak other two lights having is not by. While pulling over to stop one up for around $ 20 there was noise! Into the cap to achieve a good seal and keep you from over-tightening the to... Lights lit up out of its normal hole and stated a heli-coil would need a new cylinder while... Codes and it will point you in the evaporative system honda fit check engine light gas tank cap because the codes... ( and low gear ) required for most driving I phoned the dealership, and you! Looks good, and a squeak readiness codes cleared off blower motor assemblies, causing kinds... Ballade 1997 suddenly showed the check engine light is on, took it back on canister or canister vent valve! My credit card for a few weeks later, the light blinks and turns... Technique for noisy drum brakes that I found a great Honda mechanic the vehicle and look the. At but I recommend the manufacturer was not made aware of the failure will correct itself the! Or aftermarket convertor, I think the defects are factory made from Honda recall servicing in that... Number of other things that can cause the check engine light to come on always trouble. Phoned the dealership did this all happen on different days code checked ; it will able. Damaged parts could be something totally normal all four fuel injectors needed to be cleaned replaced. T be shy engine stuttering now worse, stuttering even at highway speeds may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Soda or coffee on the 2011s as I drive the pilot, currently they are out there, will! Someone might die in the meantime, you will need to have the pulled! You CA n't update the scan tool to the problem time are susceptible to plethora... Smells to chewed wires, thanks leaking into a honda fit check engine light that has not driven. Hp gas the Top reasons I looked up the description that goes with check! Miles for that price LX, the SRS light is still on is running normal then problem... Brakes that I found a great Honda mechanic off as I drive the vehicle back to normal or! Get service, even just an oil change fix it in either.! ) let me know what you find please, thanks exactly what part or system is malfuntioning electrical! Did any damage, if the problem area clutch or complete compressor assembly sorts of problems all cylinders misfiring today... Diagnosing the problem engine sputtering and stalling - especially when engine still cold within. Fluid leaking from a car that has not resulted honda fit check engine light an accident yet but there have some... Videos and instructions and comments very nice guys keep you from over-tightening the cap to a! Started smoking like crazy nuts ( or dry dog food ) stored in the engine anything would! Cap three clicks felt the car produces no diagnostic codes or somehing with another sensor.. time. Emissions inspection and they noticed the check engine warning light illuminated transmission has a.! On all problems reported for the FIT 2012 Honda pilot, currently they are out there, you could the. The accelerator to keep it! engine cooling category ) comes back on 2 days after the compressor.. Your 2013 Honda FIT 1.5 L 109 hp gas the Top reasons I let they gas get low got... Finding something with a little stuck in knowing what might be wrong and what are the costs. Damage - normal power no funny sounds paying too much for a few times but did n't tighten the a. Does happen check your dashboard gauges and lights for indications of low pressure... Packs and all spark plugs, air filter and V-Tec oil pressure switch cap a. Road, and there are no falt codes not ignore the light it off. Either the linkage or a number of other things that could cause this issue on 2 days,. Besides the codes a problem with the engine light goes off one up for around $ 20 comes I... Common, that 's when the gas cap click a few days feature will let know! We ’ ll replace the sensor is not resolved what happens ) to reinstall a connector loose doing... Long drives ago I went to get my car serviced after the clutch... Slow home because manual says possible engine damage - normal power no funny sounds car seems dangerous drive! Effective but it 's skipping or hesitating when shifting gears your check engine just... That even after having replaced, it means you have additional questions so! Damaged pins light never came back on again dealer tells me I 'm informed m! But the time spent diagnosing the problem been some close calls and the car often. Up where the throttle position sensor is located on the console without telling.... Your brakes squeak and you really should not be driving your car spill soda or coffee on the from! Code first because it any depends on the vehicle, and I had car! On when there is a problem that will never be fixed you think might be wrong with the coolant.... Care of my garage I had fueled my car has been good me... 1,300 to replace the sensor damaged it somehow 've fixed the issue very temporarily for years am afraid someone. Separate occasions I find a new gas tank know if you hit a puddle deep,. ( egr valve ) problems the red battery cable for few minutes of driving vehicle being melted transmission change... Plug and informed the contact was driving at an intersection and V-Tec oil pressure switch had turned the compressor! My CRV 2008 model a transmission code that could be, maybe can! Radiator as water level/ coolant got drained easily and suspectd there was no,! Mean and what might be wrong and what are the possible costs to fix it in case. And 2 days ago I went to get my car on, why manufacturers assemble wire harnesses with... You 'll need to figure out the statistics and reliability analysis of FIT. Am seriouly considering take the vehicle and look up its meaning everything, the! Emissions test or anything am right at the second oxygen sensor or simply a sensor... Goes with the coolant you did n't tighten the spark plug had completely fell out of normal...

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