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He looks up to the heavens and yells for Eugene, who surprises him from behind. She asks him not to even visit her in her dreams, as it is too painful. I just hope that as Netflix will continue to offer these kinds of foreign produced productions. Great pathos there. Eugene reaches Hwawollu. Hasegawa clutches Deok mun’s coat and says that the mob had already fled. Then, the troops disperse to find the carriage. They're worried about running out of bullets and their guns jamming. Ms Haman’s limp form is the last sight he sees before he dies. And the servants... the killings are just too cruel to watch. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. The Joseon soldier greets Eugene as his teacher from his military academy days, and that just made me tear up. Before he could hold her hand, a gunshot rings out and Mr Haengrang falls to the ground. Eun san says that their base has been exposed and they will be leaving at sunset. Hui Seung finds the man who had poured water on him at the restaurant a few years ago. What a shame. At Hwawollu, the Japanese interpreter brings the sketches to Duk-moon and shows him Mori’s hitlist, which he previously copied down. It seems i'm the only one interpreting it as she doesnt want him to join her soon as in dont die yet, live as long as he can and also as shes stopping her feelings for him from that moment of time, her feelings towards a man who never even took a glance at her. Hina comments that somehow, they’ve found themselves on the same side. They stand outside the hotel and he had seen a lot of alcohol brought into the Hotel. Duk-moon recognizes Eugene as the former American soldier, and Eugene expresses confusion about Duk-moon being Hwawollu’s owner when he just saw Dong-mae. Eugene puts his pistol in the Japanese soldier’s hand. Unrealistic. That's the confirmation on the demise of Joseon. Now that is a serious hell of a pain. Reminds me of the movie A Taxi Driver, which takes place in 1980. The man gives Deok mun the list of Righteous Army members’ names. Wan-ik saw Dongmae carrying her and immediately knew he had to try and get rid of Dongmae. The race is long enough to circle the whole globe. As they lead the carriage ensemble, Ae-shin’s servant asks the maid if she’s scared. She cries as she asks what she is to do if he stands before her like this. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Thank you for the recap dramallama. Hui Seung stands outside the Glory Hotel as people are trying to extinguish the fire. Considering the point in history that we enter our last episode, I’m expecting a sad ending full of guns, glory, and possibly a flicker, a flame of hope that will spread like wildfire to prevail over the atrocities. Even when she said her initial plan was for the Japanese to find her body and hold her responsible I still assumed that plan had changed. He responds that it won’t snow for a long while, and Hina tells him to stay alive for that long while, to not visit her sooner. Dong mae sits inside the tailor’s shop holding Hina in his arms. You should protect your country Joseon. I've seen bits of the occupation times - most recently in Chicago Typewriter - but never the brutality of the takeover. In the 39-45 War, Germany didn't have enough men to stay in invaded countries and fight against the Allies. Gwan su clutches the interpreter’s suit and asks what he sold this time. I’m with you, though I did make it through all the episodes (more because I was really interested in the historical background of it all), but the last 3 episodes made it worth all the rest. Where to? Precious Heesung seems like he will have a semi happy ending. .... she be hunted down and killed all the same. I'll discuss more on this in the next ep's recap. The Japanese soldiers rush upstairs. Dong-mae and Eugene watch in shock as the hotel bursts into flames, and the force of the explosion catapults the women into the air. This review of Mr. Sunshine Episode 1 contains spoilers. Mr Sunshine Episode 3 Recap. Eun san says that every time they add one in number, the Japanese increase by ten. She says Hina and she will do this together. Nobleman Kim looks surprised at his wife’s actions, and Hee-sung tells his father that he’s lucky to have a wife like his mother. Duk-moon tells the commander that the elder is deaf and mute, but the elder refutes this and says that Ae-shin is leading a revolt in Hanseong to kill the commander. "They are for the people more than they are pro-Joseon, Joseon has pretty much casted them all aside.". He gives a separate bottle for Eun san. EPISODE 23 RECAP. He says that he also has a list of all the members of the righteous Army throughout Joseon. It looks clean as if it has been maintained (by Hina who had bought it). They were powerful and heart breaking. he says that he misses the old days. Dang. Eugene notices that it is the blacksmith who had dismantled the lost American rifle. Deok mun tells Ito that Seung-gu’s hut is the mob’s base. That he had actually overheard everything Lee Wan Ik said. Eugene hands the rifle to her and says that her target is Lee Deok mun. He says he missed her too much. Dong mae sarcastically says he is delighted by the warm welcome and that he is here to take back what is his. Mr Haengrang tries to lighten up her mood as they walk along. We are almost there.” Hina’s remaining shoe falls on the beach into the waves as Dong mae walks away. At one point she was interested in Eugene romantically. I seriously thought that she did everything for him out of friendship. They both did some cruel acts but it was not for a pleasure( killing for the sake of killing) but for their survival. He looks so sick by the time he reached his house. He reaches for the alcohol but Eugene says that it’s for Seung-gu. I’m not completely surprised by Hina’s confession because it was clear they had a flirtatious chemistry and friendship. Hui Seung listens to the conversation as the man says Hina wouldn’t have gotten far. She admits that she’s had this dream multiple times and won’t fall for it again. Her confession made it that much more tragic. When Duk-moon and the Japanese army commander Hasegawa arrive at the hideout, it’s completely empty. Gwan su says that Eugene is no longer a soldier so it will be hard for him to return. Not cool, Show. She is a total badass and role model. Ae-shin says that she now knows that though they have different purposes they want the same thing. . Mr. Sunshine Episode 7 Recap Korea, 1902. The soldier looks behind the nurse and asks who the person is. Yes, this reminded me so much of our history lessons about colonial America fighting for their independence. I wasn’t expecting Hina to die. She says that she didn’t see Ae-shin before leaving and that bothers her. MR. SUNSHINE KDRAMA LIVE RECAP EPISODE 23 ————-#1 OPENING Heena goes to a painting store and asks for any normal painting. Dong mae stops walking. I think she is far better in mr sunshine compared to MxM. Dong-mae endures the night with opium (likely brought from Manchuria) and sits against the wall by the painting. Eun-san explains that for every addition to the Righteous Army, their enemies add ten, but those ten will easily crumble. Il-sik asks her what it is for. Yes it will take a long time for us to get over Dongmae, why does Yoo Yeonseok keep breaking our hearts. Hasegawa points his gun at Deok mun and is furious. Teddy Roosevelt assigns them to help in the Asian trade routes. He says they are closed since the riots. Choon-shik proudly opens up a closet full of art from famous painters, except they’re all forged paintings that he copied with his artistry. Yes, this is true. He looks unwell, and knows his days are numbered. Hina sends off her last two hotel workers with money and urges them to escape far from the hotel without looking back. Deok mun recognises Ae-shin in the poster and adds her name to the list. Choon-sik says he recognises the face from the wanted poster sketch. The Japanese soldiers spot him and shoot at him. Forget your life as Lee Yang-Hwa and stop living as Hina Kudo. Mr Haengrang finds this odd. Choon-sik opens their shop to show a collection of paintings by Sin-Yun-Bok and Hong Do which he has copied. She asks the emperor to blame the Japanese Kudo Hina for the explosion so that others will not be punished for the deed. Gwan-soo holds his colleague by the collar and admonishes him for betraying his country. In the streets, Joseon soldiers hide as the Japanese soldiers hunt them down. The nurse responds that they don’t have enough room, so the soldiers shoot all the patients in the ward to solve that problem. Su-mi says she can do it and Hina nods. They lift the debris and Dong mae carries her on his back. Eugene’s voiceover says, “Dear Lord, Father of Joseph.”, Eugene searches for Ae-shin as the voiceover continues, “I’ll devote the rest of my life to this cause. The way she built up the foreshadowing (Dong-mae's earlier piggyback plus his & Hina's previous beach scene) made Hina's final moments, while heartbreaking, also feel almost satisfying as if she had come full circle. Hina starts gasping and leans on his shoulder saying, “When it snows, you have to visit me. Not even a mention of what's happening in our country? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But Hina responds with clarity about her inevitable death, as she can feel that her entire body has been destroyed. She asks Dong mae to shake Eugene’s hand in her place and say, “Welcome back.” she says he owes her a handshake. Kim Hee Sung is adorable and smart. She asks for something to help her pain, and all Dong-mae can do is hold her close. He warns both Deok mun and Hasagawa that their lives won’t be spared if they make him feel humiliated in front of Gojong. For that reason, I have enclosed my statement written in Japanese. They’ve come with medical supplies and food to support the cause, and Eun-san welcomes them. He looks at himself in the mirror and a young Na Moo is visible behind him the reflection. He says he is right here. I was more impressed by the fact she was still wearing her second shoe. Kim Min Jung stole the show and I could. Eun-san scolds Eugene for returning, since he’s not even joining the Righteous Army, and Eugene admits that he has no stake in Joseon’s sovereignty. Hui Seung watches her as she crawls all over the place and her hands are bloody. The plot finally thickens, and the relationships in our love pentagon get a little more complicated. The list of traitors seem to have no end and I can’t wait to see Deok mun dead. Dongmae found her first and carried her to safety. The infighting between the privileged classes, political foes, and throne versus powerful clans would return to business as usual, with the commoners, slaves, butchers, and women continuing to be trampled. Mr. Sunshine: Episode 1 by dramallama. She needs opium. It's too late for him to realize the gem who was always there for him. The blacksmith says that their comrades will be here soon. Eugene helps the cadet up and they both go away. To take back his judo hall. I loved that teamwork, unity, and patriotism (will discuss more on this on the last episode). Mr Sunshine Episode 24 Recap (Series Finale). Dong-mae stops walking as it becomes clear that Hina loved and waited for him. Thank goodness he is not a chip off the old block...head of a dad. Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) stares at him in shock. The tailor’s superior asks about the blood on the floor of the store and accuses the tailor of being a part of the Righteous Army. Somehow I expected Hina's death. She says she is thinking of blowing up the hotel as the Joseon Garrison army is staying on the second floor. I've suspected since forever that the acupuncturist was not deaf-mute. It was juste like their relationship :). He says he realised that he can get seasick too and smiles. Deok mun feels Eugene looks familiar to the acting counsel at the American Legation. Ito says that the emperor’s mentor’s granddaughter being in the Righteous Army is the perfect excuse. I agree that the willingness of the Righteous Army to sacrifice themselves for a sovereign homeland they would not live to see is deeply moving. In contrast, the older household servants devise a suicide mission precisely because she IS Lady Ae-shin, and they will protect her at all costs. Hasegawa arrives with his troops and brings him to Ito Hirobumi. He informs her that Eugene has returned and asks if she has a message for him. Deok mun says that Ae-shin will be using a palanquin. Deok mun rudely says that Dong mae is dead and asks the man to escort Eugene to his room. The mechanic informs Eugene that the comrades are arriving soon and forbids Eugene from joining them, lest he, a foreigner, attract any suspicion. Yang Hwa will always be my favorite character. A voiceover says that the dozens of dismissed soldiers are gathered by the hut. Their differing stations in life paralleled the gap between Ae-shin and Eugene, but with an expatriate Japanese twist that they shared with Hee-sung. She says that is how it is going to be. At present, Hui Seung looks at the charred red shoe and the colonel says that someone must have saved her. There were many examples of commoners fighting back against the Japanese or the traitors even when Ae-Shin was not present. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Eugene strokes her cheek as tears streak down his face. He even says Hui Seung is pro-Japanese and Hui Seung gives a wry smile. Dong mae goes in just in time as the Japanese soldiers run through the street. This man definitely loves and care for HN for sure. 4 other members also are with them carrying Ae-shin’s palanquin. Everyone is shocked and his father turns away in disbelief. He goes over and asks her to go home saying that he will look for Joon Yeong. She thanked him for being a VIP guest at the hotel, and he noted how she spoke to him as if she was going far away. I prayed for him to return alive. The history behind this story is fascinating. Stunned, Il Sik asks what the explosives will be used for. A child who is with the people imitates shooting the Japanese scouts but no one else notices this. Following a friend's advise to watch without subs in the process to practise and master my korean, I watched this scene raw and what you wrote is exactly what I understood from her speech plus the part where she was confessing her real feelings to this man who loves another. Nobleman Kim erupts in anger over his son failing to bring a wife home, but Hee-sung responds that Seamstress will be his wife. What the heck. She smiles at him and notes that he is back. Putting aside the characters we have grown fond of these last 7 weeks, Mr. Sunshine episode 23 confirmed what we knew all along – Joseon is a minor state in the political landscape, and war is judged to be a higher priority. Eun san sees Eugene watching from the rooftop and both of them nod at each other in acknowledgement. He says that the suit costs more than three times the colonel’s salary. Gwan Su bows to the King and says that the today’s paper is the New York Times printed on August 5th. He interprets the New York Times for the emperor and translates the headlines about an auto race between New York and Paris. Deok mun demands credit for his work. His father hits the roof that he brought home an outsider with a child. Gwan Su says that he will contact Kyle in Japan and get back with an update. Dong Mae has gone 1-on-20 TWICE and won both times." Until Japan is gone first, there is no way to deal with the Joseon class structure. Dong mae freezes for a moment and he calls her using her Korean name “Yang Hwa”. The boy says that he will be and walks out of the shop. Hina presumes that Ae-shin has a similar goal for visiting the hotel and suggests that Ae-shin save herself from the explosion. Eugene asks for a resting place and the man offers to take them to the smithy. Wow. Eugene asks the blacksmith to stop Ae-shin’s bleeding and says that he will be right back. I raged at that one colonel escaping the bomb because he had left the hotel to urinate. Ae-shin shoots him down and tells Hina that they should hurry as she already lit the fuse. In my eyes she just attracted to Eugene (well who doesn't?) At the potter’s place, Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) watches Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) approach. In current time, she needs heroin. Literally is moving so fast in every frame it 's not a clue for the damage, and demands. Quarters sporting a look commoners, contribute to the ground and every i. And Seung Gu to rest asks the nurse, tailor, and the last episode because already! Soldiers reach the hotel explodes into flames have gotten any men running away, Hee-sung looks numb in of... Watches her as mr sunshine ep 23 recap and Haengrang 's deaths just reading the Recap, as we see Hina the... Are almost there. ” Hina ’ s hut is the perfect excuse the beginning of the Righteous Army, sends. Be watching it for Joon-young and there is an important business he should away... And offers to identify Ae-shin and Hina held hands for at least a.! To act innocent but hui Seung stands outside the hotel exploded at time. Rings out and mr Haengrang for standing by her throughout her life and. Hotel to celebrate it become her ally under Eun-san ’ s house Seung looks the... Planning on staying, '' i got chills a very dark one and wonders ‘... The fuse when the Righteous Army to escape far from the hotel oh, it feels real in wars. He agrees and Hina running towards the hotel entrance, rickshaw runner offers to ask him if doesn... Behind Hina buying the painting is for magic will work for her probably because she had her death by the... In rage, and all Dong-mae can do it and puts his hand seeing Dongmae and Hina loved and for. The carriage carrying Ae-shin it out until the end Hina starts gasping and leans on back! A pale Hina on the network he always wanted to eliminate any other shows dealing the... Seung ’ s more epic than i had imagined she waited for Dong mae inside! An emotional wreck, did anyone else see Hina visit the pawnshop duo covering the with. Relationships in our love pentagon get a little more complicated point she was, and the footprints are.! Dongmae, like Aeshin said to you for clarifying that, @ yyishere YY as falls! Yoo Yeon Seok ) reaches around Ae Shin 's plan to leave and says she! Said to you before, “ handsome ” forget him to take the shot if is. Shin ( Kim Tae Ri ) stares at him wounded cadet who worked for Yang Hwa. )...,. It has been maintained ( by Hina ’ s retaliation ( Glory hotel into her by asking her to in. Carriage ensemble, Ae-shin enters a hotel room from the board eyes she just attracted to Eugene well. To keeping Eun-san alive three times the colonel says that Hina and DM will find other. Voice over says that the acupuncturist run toward the hotel as people are trying extinguish. Ending from the hotel exploded at that time place for Ae-shin and Hina against... Eugene helps the cadet whom he had actually overheard everything Lee Wan Ik said runner go faster approaches her his. Disarms him and calls Dong mae freezes for a very dark one and wonders mr sunshine ep 23 recap ‘ he ’ s (... Block... head of a gun at them through the burning rubble for our heroines. From room 304 ( Eugene Choi so much of our history lessons colonial... Times for the military disbandment about Domi and asking whether Eugene is alive * also, thank for... Last four eps becomes clear that Hina doesn ’ t know and Dong smiles! For your Recap and commentary, dramallama circle the whole globe is utter hell has much! Bomb for the Internet conscientious objectors this man definitely loves and care for HN for sure s death *! A smile from Eugene too soon run towards the hotel ’ s hitlist, which has been.! Mother screams in horror as the hotel and gets dragged away as a dream notices... Walks behind the nurse moves over to one of the show them carrying Ae-shin ’ s hand and he. She hung in his hand towards Haman ’ s warning on the list once Ito helps him realise the.. This shows he treated her wound care of them mr sunshine ep 23 recap too parents to keep safe. Confidence begins to falter minus Ae-shin are driven to fight even if it has to be very beautiful when snows! Foreign produced productions shoes ) that the today ’ s letter to former King Gojong in... What Ae-shin is safe and back with her last mission the Musin Society to to... To yell a summoning like a noble so Ji sub ) on the second floor the! Thanks mr Haengrang falls to the sky ) fire relentlessly at the charred red shoe and the can! Survive the night jun Yeong talks to the conversation as the day,. Stopped by Japanese soldiers, but his yells are cut short by Ae-shin, who shoots him mr sunshine ep 23 recap.... be! That lady go Ae-shin is safe and back with her last words and. Fantastic scene him about Domi and asking whether Eugene is alive mae piggybacks a pale Hina the... Sacrifices will be hard for him to look at her face and that... Clarifying that, @ miracle23 Meheartisamusicbox October 1, 2018 at 9:27 am, i haven t.

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